EGGLRock Nutrition, LLC is an Integrative Healthcare Practice providing dietary and lifestyle strategy for disease prevention and health-maintenance. It is owned and operated by Dr. Laura Rokosz, a seasoned Pharmacologist and Food Scientist with 28 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Dr. Rokosz received her B.S., M.S., and Ph.D in Food Science from Rutgers University and is the current chair of their Food Science Advisory Board. In her spare time, she teaches Nutrition Science courses at Monmouth and Rutgers Universities. Dr. Rokosz was previously employed with Schering-Plough, Merck and Pharmacopeia where she honed her drug development skills in a plethora of therapeutic areas including, but not limited to, diabetes, obesity, atherosclerosis, neurological disorders, pain and inflammation, cancer and infectious disease. She is the author of over 35 peer reviewed journal articles including several expert opinion papers on obesity and cancer.

EGGLRock Nutrition, LLC - NJSBDC Success Award Winner 2015

Brenda Hopper, Dr. Laura Rokosz, David Margulies

Dr. Rokosz (or Dr. Laura, as we refer to her at the NJSBDC at Kean University) believes that Nutrition is the cornerstone of any health and wellness plan. At EGGLRock Nutrition each client is given a personalized regimen to improve diet, fitness, mood and sleep. Specific conditions that are addressed include metabolic and inflammatory diseases, gut dysbiosis and disrupted thyroid function. They also have programs that focus on disordered eating in adults and children, fertility, sports nutrition and stress management. Dr. Rokosz works closely with each client’s primary care physician or specialist to ensure that the best health outcomes are achieved. The services at EGGLRock Nutrition are now covered by several major insurance companies.

Dr. Rokosz is also a representative for Juice Plus +, a whole food-based company that teaches people how to bridge the gap between what they do eat and what they should eat. She is a sales coordinator eager to achieve the National Marketing Director title in the near future. Juice Plus+ supplements her current Healthcare practice and is becoming a growing segment which she is fully integrating.

The NJSBDC at Kean University has been working with Dr. Laura over the past year to assist her with management and growth of her business and is proud to see it emerging as a leading business in Union County where individuals can go to take control of their lives through responsible personal health practices. “David and his staff met with me on a regular basis providing a number of support strategies for revenue growth and to attract new clients”, Dr. Laura remarks. While scientifically adept, Dr. Rokosz lacked the business skills to create a functioning office and to manage finances. The SBDC has assisted Dr. Laura with additional value-added service delivery, enhanced revenue models, client acquisition, marketing and social media and general business management. “All of this could not have been made possible without the guidance furnished by David Margulies and Clem Sanguiliano of the Kean SBDC” notes Dr. Rokosz.

Please visit Dr. Laura’s website where you can learn more about EGGLRock Nutrition, LLC’s wide array of professional services.

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